A Guide to Learn About Low-Cost Ways to Transfer Money
Jun 04, 2022 By Triston Martin


Suppose you've ever sent money abroad before; you'll be aware of the frustration of needing to pay high charges and unjust exchange rates to transfer your cash to someone else. This is evident when searching for the cheapest method of sending money using the mobile app as well as a PayPal account. This article will discuss the low-cost ways to transfer money abroad. We'll also discuss the various methods to transfer money, why comparing different providers is the first item on your list of things to do as well as our top suggestions for the cheapest money transfer to specific countries.

In the modern, technological world that we live in, transferring money via cash checks, bank drafts, or money orders might appear as if it's following the way of dinosaurs. Although these conventional methods might seem less common when there are quicker electronic options for transferring money among states, accounts, or even states, it doesn't mean the traditional methods aren't an option. Additionally, if the price is your main issue, there are a variety of affordable forms of moving money, and the most cost-effective method could depend on your specific needs.

A bank teller is able to help set up other transfer choices, such as wire transfers to a different bank or state or even a foreign country. If you're trying to transfer money to an account in another bank, You'll require the account number you want for the money transactions and the routing number of the bank. Usually, there are fees involved with transferring funds to a different bank.

Your Bank

Banks can assist in a variety of types of transactions. If you're transferring funds between accounts inside the same firm, this is something that you can perform at your bank for absolutely no cost. It can be completed in the branch by withdrawing funds from one account before depositing on another or by making this transfer online. Transfers of money to overseas locations are possible via your bank too. However, you'll typically require more information like the address and name of the person who holds the account, details about the institution to which the money is transferred, as well as the SWIFT or IBAN of the bank that is receiving the money. International wire exchange made in USD will cost about $50. Sending funds in foreign currencies will cost you around $40. Rates can change and could differ based on your bank.


Although it is the "old-fashioned method" regarding the transfer of funds, cash can be convenient in certain situations. When the time factor isn't essential, withdraw money and then manually bring it to a different bank to submit it into an account. It is free! Most of the time, the money you have deposited is readily available for withdrawal. Remember that sending cash via mail isn't recommended. If your mail is lost, it is impossible to get the money back.

Personal Checks

Depositing a check by writing, submitting it into a separate account, then handing it over to another person, or sending it via mail to an individual in a different town or state is a specific and cost-effective option, particularly if your bank provides free checking. The process gets a little more complicated when you're sending checks internationally. If you send a check to another country drawn in USD, it can delay cashing the check for the money so that the bank can confirm cash submission. Some banks won't even take foreign checks. The person receiving the check might also be required to reimburse charges for cashing it and pay the cost of exchange to exchange the funds into that local currency. This is more secure than sending cash via mail since you can reverse the check-in if it doesn't reach the intended destination.


The traditional money transfer methods, such as via your bank, are still used today. Foreign transfers via your bank can be made. However, there are extra charges for sending money. The new apps, such as PayPal and Zelle, enable you to transfer money to your friends and family members in just a few moments and without charges. At a cost, Western Union, MoneyGram, and others could be utilized to transfer money to another city or state, or the country. Cash is another method of sending money as it's free of charge to withdraw funds from one account and make deposits at the bank in which the beneficiary has a checking history.