12 Money Personality Types: Which One Are You?
May 17, 2022 By Susan Kelly

Do you have a perfectly organized financial plan? Are you always on top of your budget? Or are you running around in circles, not knowing where to begin with your money?

Regardless of the type of person you are or the type of personality that's a good fit for you, everyone must have a strategy for their finances in place. That includes having an idea about what money personality type they have. To come up with this list, we did an exhaustive amount of research into what these different personality types are all about.

Here's a breakdown of the seven different money personality types:

The Spender

You're best described as someone who spends freely, is impulsive with your buying, and has no problems making large purchases. You are one of the biggest contributors to frivolous spending in this country. This type of person buys more than they need and invests in you for the future by ensuring that your family never wants for anything. This can be advantageous and disadvantageous to you, depending on how you handle it. Many people who fall into this category buy too much but have a knack for saving at the same time.

The Control Freak

This is someone who likes to be in charge of every aspect of their life, and they are probably going to be very expensive in the long run. They always want the latest technology, the best car, and a large house. They often feel the need to control your life as well. You tend to extend yourself with them, but sometimes you end up getting taken advantage of.

The Thrifty

This is someone who lives on a small budget but still tries to save money as much as possible. They don't understand why you wouldn't own a nicer car or buy Gourmet cheeses when you get the chance. They aren't big spenders and know how to live on less without totally compromising their lifestyle.

The Banker

This is someone who doesn't mind living within their means, but they also like to stash money in the bank. They never have their paycheck deposited into a checking account because they keep another savings account. They are always thinking about the future and finding smart ways to invest.

The Frugal

This is someone who lives on a strict budget, typically because they have a lot of debt. They probably have at least a dozen credit cards and would like to pay off their loan soon. They don't mind living on less but are quick to spend what little money they make on the newest technology or clothes for their children.

Money Achiever

People with a Money Achiever personality type have strong minds capable of finding creative new ways to put their talents and abilities into lucrative projects. They are motivated by achievement and are well-organized with an eye on the bottom line. In fact, they believe that anything worth doing reflects good business sense because they tend not to want much beyond financial success and hard work.

Money Improver

Money Improvers are risk-takers who can sometimes be impulsive and lack control. They are usually impassioned by everything they do and have a strong need to succeed. Because they tend to be hyperactive, money-making opportunities may distract them from their work as they look for faster ways to amass wealth.

Money Manager

Money Managers are realistic and sensible. They understand the importance of saving, investing, and planning for the future. Although they are not initially motivated by money, it is definitely important to them after achieving financial security. Money Managers make good accountants, bankers, financial advisors, or any other job that deals with managing money for others.

Money Saver

Money Savers are often cautious and steady in nature. They enjoy working hard and earning money, but they tend not to take as many financial risks. Instead, Money Savers like a sense of stability, calm, and order in their financial lives. They are also more likely to be thrifty, frugal, or cheap by nature.

Money Socializer

People with this personality type like to spend their money on others rather than themselves and can sometimes be prone to overspending. Money Socializers society's "consumers" in that they enjoy buying things for other people and not so much on personal acquisitions for themselves. Because they don't have much interest in physical objects, Money Socializers are more likely to be financially successful when they're in the business of marketing or selling products, services, or ideas to others.

Money Whiner

People with the Money Whiners type tend to be a little more materialistic than the other types on this list. They are often shallow and somewhat superficial people who enjoy buying something new to feel better about themselves. Although Money Whiners can be good at making money, their superficiality sometimes causes them to take it for granted and not try too hard to make more.

Money Scientists

People with this personality type are more likely to be drawn to science, technology, and math-related careers than any other Money Type. They tend to make money from investment and entrepreneurship and from their job. Money Scientists also enjoy controlling their finances, so they're usually good at budgeting and planning for the future.